Directory Information in the Classroom

Students cannot choose to be anonymous in the classroom setting. If a student has chosen "no release" for his or her directory information, that does not mean that an instructor cannot call on him or her by name in class or that the student's email address, username or photo cannot be displayed on an electronic classroom support tool such as discussion board, blog or chat feature. (C.F.R. 99.37(c) of the 2009 FERPA regulations). Currently, students may choose to opt out of sharing their photo with a class in the Learning Management Software (LMS) through their account in Lion's Den. Students may not prevent the instructor of the class seeing the entire class photo.

At Molloy, courses supported by websites and/or discussion groups have extra precautions and security to not inadvertently display or release non-directory student information. The faculty member and the students in discussion sites are reminded that discussion threads should not be shared with others outside the class without permission of the author to do so.

Podcasting a class that includes class discussions may not be done without the student's express written permission. The instructor can offer a voluntary "public" version of his/her course but cannot compel students to participate.