Graduate Assistantship Program

The Graduate Assistantship program provides opportunities for qualified graduate students to participate as research assistants or as graduate assistants. To apply for a graduate assistantship/graduate research assistantship, candidates should complete the Application for Graduate Assistantship available in the Graduate Academic Affairs Office or apply online. Applications must include a resume, two personal references and approval by the department in which the student is enrolled. Applications and appropriate documentation are to be returned to the Graduate Academic Affairs Office.

Each applicant who is selected as a graduate assistantship recipient must be enrolled in the College for a minimum of six credits during each of the semesters in which the student serves as a graduate assistant and must not be receiving any other source of financial aid. Graduate assistants/research assistants work 10 hours per week (or 150 hours per semester) during a semester and receive a 3-credit voucher and a $500 stipend each semester. A maximum number of four assistantship semesters are allowed per student.

Additional information: Graduate Assistantship Program