Alumni Association

All graduates of Molloy College are members of The Alumni Association. Graduates with associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, as well as honorary alumni, are encouraged to participate in Alumni Association events and meetings.

The Alumni Association is governed by an Executive Board and an Administration Board. The Executive Board directs the business of the Alumni Association and determines the future direction of the Association. The Administrative Board contributes to the growth of the Alumni Association and the well-being of your fellow graduates. 

The mission of the Molloy College Alumni Association is to promote the educational purposes, interests and general welfare of the college; to encourage alumni to provide financial and volunteer support to the College; to respond with a strong sense of commitment to alumni recruitment and programming; to develop and maintain integrated relationships with the college community; to foster alumni involvement with current and prospective students.

The Molloy College Alumni Association affirms the honor and intrinsic, religious, educational, ethical and cultural values established by the Founding Sisters, and is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning community that focuses on respect for each person and leadership through service as reflected in the Molloy College Vision Statement.

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