Diploma Names

A graduate's name as it appears on a diploma must be a legal name. The following guidelines will apply:
  • First names may be complete or initialed, but must match student's name on the college records. Omission of the first name is not acceptable.
  • Middle names may be complete or initialed, but must match the college records. Omission of the middle name is acceptable.
  • Last names must match the college records exactly.
  • Suffixes, such as Sr., Jr., III, etc., may be used if included in the student's record and documented in the student folder on the student's original application, a transcript from another school or a Certificate of Birth.
  • Hispanic maternal surnames may be included if documentation is provided to the Registrar's Office for the student folder. Proper documentation is a copy of a Certificate of Birth showing the maternal surname, or on the student's original application.
  • Hyphenated "maiden-married" last names may be used, provided the student's file has documentation to verify both names. A Student Information Sheet form accompanied by a Certificate of Marriage will be required if a name change for marriage has not been processed in the records, since the marriage.
  • Married students wishing to use their birth name on the diploma must provide a copy of the Certificate of Birth if the birth name is not part of the student's record.
  • Court ordered legal name changes, if not part of the student's record or folder, must be documented for use on the diploma.
  • Special accent marks may be requested, and should be indicated on the Application for Graduation. Special punctuation will be put on the diploma as the student indicates on the form, if possible.
  • Neither titles nor degrees previously earned will be included as part of a graduate's name on a diploma.
  • A diploma may be replaced with a new name with supporting documentation through the Registrar's Office. Any re-printing of diplomas will be charged to the student.

Additional information: Office of Academic Affairs