School of Business Programs of Study

MBA Programs     

Our continuously evolving offerings of Graduate Business programs currently include MBA degrees in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, Personal Financial Planning and Health Care. The degree pathways and course learning outcomes have been purposefully built through consultation with our experienced and highly trained faculty, members of our internationally acclaimed Business Advisory Board and input from our Corporate Partnership stakeholders. Molloy MBA students are challenged to hone and acquire the skill sets most desired in today’s competitive, transnational business environment.

Committing to participation in a Molloy Graduate Business program is neither a passive nor an easy educational journey. Foundational prerequisite knowledge ensures the course dialog is an interactive and transformational graduate experience. Handpicked faculty facilitate a corporate training environment designed to maximize skill development. Communication competencies are a vital point of program emphasis.

Students are taught to enhance all aspects of their oral and written corporate communication skills. Industry required analytics and problem solving are nurtured and refined within the most prevalent industry scenarios. Molloy graduate classrooms serve as dynamic opportunities for networking and modeling industry experts who have been where today’s serious business students aspire to journey.

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