School of Education and Human Services

The Graduate Program of the Division of Education at Molloy College is a rigorous program which will lead to a rewarding career. Our Graduate Programs are made up of educators with vast experience at the childhood and adolescent levels who are ready to share their expertise with you and mentor you along your career path. Additionally, our programs are accredited by the prestigious Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Since their inception, Molloy’s Graduate Education Programs have become well respected throughout the educational community. Our programs lead to initial or professional certification in areas including early childhood, childhood, adolescence, special education, educational technology, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). We also offer dual degree programs leading to a BA/MS or a BS/MS degree and Post Master’s Degree Programs in TESOL and Special Education. Classroom-based action research and other research opportunities are exciting components of our professional certificate programs. Initial certificate programs include supervised field experiences, which will help you put your theoretical knowledge into practice in actual classrooms.

Our Doctoral Program in Education, known as "Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities" leads to an Ed.D. Degree. This program has attracted talented individuals from a variety of fields who wish to implement positive educational policy change and ensure educational equity for all learners.

Molloy faculty mentors will guide you along every step of the way. You will find a stimulating academic environment in all our graduate classes, which will help you to further your professional growth.

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