Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring (CERCOM)

CERCOM, is a field station for coastal research sciences supporting the BS in Earth and Environmental Studies and all the sciences in the BCES department through applied scientific research, hands-on fieldwork in the sciences and a comprehensive environmental monitoring facility of Molloy College. It is located on the Great South Bay at the historic Blue Points Oyster Hatchery in West Sayville. CERCOM is committed to advancing knowledge and developing solutions to environmental problems in coastal ecosystems through a network of group-cooperative monitoring activities, Horseshoe Crab captive breeding programs, and collaboration research. In partnership with monitoring networks with federal (NOAA, USGS, NWS), state (NYSDEC, SSER, NYSDOS), local and NGO international groups. CERCOM provides the data necessary to implement ecosystem based management recommendations which assure the long-term health of estuarine environments on Long Island while focusing attention on the ecosystem of health of estuarine environments worldwide and an active internship opportunity for all science students. CERCOM is integral to initiating a career in the STEM sciences, both physical and biological.