MILL - Molloy Institute for Lifelong Learning

The Molloy Institute for Lifelong Learning (MILL) is based on active and personal involvement of its participants in educational and social pursuit. The Institute is affiliated with the national movement of the Elderhostel Institute Network. Learning is conducive to self-fulfillment for persons who may be retired and have time to pursue new goals. An affiliation with the Molloy Institute for Lifelong Learning means that the member does not have to travel from home to continue to learn, to make new friends and experience new interests.

The membership fee entitles the member/student to enroll in two college level credit classes on an auditing basis, to participate in trips to destinations decided upon by the group (additional charge) and to join committees or teach peer led classes of their choice. Molloy College faculty are often hired to teach classes for the group.

Membership is not dependent on past educational and professional background. Group size is limited for positive interaction. One group meets on Tuesdays (MILL I) and another group meets on Fridays (MILL II); a third group, (MILL III), meets at the Molloy College Suffolk Center on Wednesdays. Information is available by contacting Jessie Prasad, MILL Coordinator at 516.323.3940. 

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