Student Affairs

Molloy College's Division of Student Affairs strives to provide an enriching college experience for all students in an effort to promote intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. The Student Affairs team coordinates various resources aimed at creating a vibrant and engaging campus life experience and a safe living and learning environment.

The Molloy campus is home to nearly 60 active student clubs and organizations, all of which contribute greatly to enhancing the campus life experience. Programs sponsored at Molloy range from social and cultural to experiential and service-based, all aimed at offering an active and diverse campus life experience for all students.

The Vice President for Student Affairs, in collaboration with a staff of full-time personnel, supports and challenges Molloy students to develop as whole persons. Student Affairs is comprised of Athletics, Campus Life, the Career Center, Health Services, and Media for Student Engagement, Public Safety, Residence Life and Student Personal Counseling. Services and resources provided by Student Affairs are easily accessible to all students. The Student Affairs Office is located in Molloy's Public Square in PS-330. Contact the team at 516.323.3456.

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