The Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing and Health Sciences Programs

Graduate Nursing Programs

Molloy College has been educating professional nurses as clinicians, leaders and scholars since 1955. Graduates of our master’s and doctoral programs are highly regarded for their commitment to humanistic nursing care and to excellence in service to diverse communities. Our graduates are in clinical, administrative, policy, research and faculty leadership positions across the region, country and globe. The need for creative thinkers and innovators, grounded in a commitment to spirituality, service, study and community, has never been greater in healthcare. As a student and member of the Molloy nursing community, you will develop and refine the knowledge, skills, commitment to quality, innovative thinking and humanistic perspective on healthcare that are the hallmarks of a Molloy graduate.

Graduate education at the Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing acknowledges the pivotal role that nurses have in providing healthcare to individuals, groups, families and populations and in improving our healthcare system. Building on previous experience and education in nursing, our master's curricula provide routes to advanced practice, education and administrative roles, informed by a mindset of scholarly inquiry, evidence-based knowledge and development of competencies to meet current, emerging and future healthcare challenges.

Doctoral education in nursing prepares leaders for research, practice, education and administrative roles at the highest levels. Molloy College offers two doctoral pathways: Ph.D. and DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice). The Ph.D. program’s focus is the preparation of nurse scholars, grounded in a humanistic nursing philosophy, nursing science, leadership competencies and research methods, who will generate new knowledge and theory to improve health care. The program of study in the Ph.D. program culminates in original dissertation research which adds meaningful evidence to the knowledge base for nursing. The DNP program prepares advanced practice nurses at the highest level for health care improvement grounded in evidence-based translational inquiry methods. The DNP program of study culminates in an evidence-based translational project influencing health policy, health systems and/or clinical practice. Outcomes of both doctoral programs provide for substantive contributions toward improvement of health and healthcare in society. 

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