Mission of the Office of Academic Affairs

In the Judeo-Christian framework, Molloy College is committed to the Dominican ideals of truth, academic excellence and openness to diverse world-views. The College provides a value-centered educational experience that enhances intellectual, ethical, spiritual and social development.

In an environment where academic freedom, a spirit of inquiry and respect for each individual’s worth and dignity prevail, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of modern life. Undergraduate programs, based on a strong liberal arts core curriculum, offer wide choices in professional and career preparation. Graduate education fosters a higher level of scholarly inquiry for expansion of knowledge, self-enrichment and achievement of personal and professional goals.

Molloy College promotes campus diversity by welcoming men and women of different ages, races, religious beliefs, gender identity and cultural backgrounds. Dedicated to excellence in teaching and scholarship, faculty encourage their students to search for truth through critical thinking, reflection and dialogue, to strive for personal moral growth and to develop a sense of social, economic and political responsibility. The Molloy community seeks to assist students through responsible academic advisement, sensitive personal and career counseling and a multifaceted on-campus program of student services. Through its extensive Professional Studies and Continuing Education Program, Molloy College services the life-long educational and cultural needs of surrounding communities.

A Molloy College education challenges students to maintain high personal and professional standards, to be aware of their responsibilities to preserve and protect the environment and to improve the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors in an ever-changing global society.