Graduation and Beyond

Molloy College has set minimum requirements for the awarding of degrees. Some programs of study may have higher minimums or additional standards for graduation requirements. Students must refer to the major requirements information listed under each program of study for specific details.

New and first time Molloy transfer students entering the College during any academic year will follow the major and other requirements as described in the current catalog for their entry year. Continuing students must complete the degree requirements that were approved for the student upon acceptance into a program of study. When the student declares a major, changes a major or is readmitted to the college after an absence, the Office of Admissions will reevaluate the previous work and approve the student’s program of study according to the Readmission Policy and current catalog’s policies.

Students are required to complete a minimum number of credits in liberal arts and sciences. A list of approved liberal arts and sciences courses are available in the students' online access in Lion's Den, along with a report to check the totals.

In addition to the liberal arts and sciences requirements and the General Education requirements, in programs where it is applicable, students must also fulfill the departmental requirements for an area of concentration and elect courses for cultural or professional value. Students should refer to the programs of studies for their areas of concentration.

A minimum grade of “C” or better is required in courses used to fulfill major and minor requirements. Some programs may require higher grades in the majors or minors and also may have higher minimum grades for related requirements and prerequisites.

For the A.A. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, "D" grades in the General Education requirements are allowed. The overall minimum, GPA of 2.0 is required for the A.A. degree in order to be approved to graduate.