Students may elect to complete a minor at Molloy College. A student may declare up to three (3) minors.

General Information

All students electing to complete a minor, must complete at least one-half of the requirements for the "Residency Requirements" in the minor at Molloy College. Challenge Exam credits, Credit by Examination, Lifelong Learning (Experiential Learning) credits and transferred credits from other colleges do not count towards meeting the "Residency Requirement".

Students may declare up to a maximum of 3 minors. Minors are an elective choice that should be completed during the time frame for completing the major.

A grade of "C" is the lowest acceptable grade for courses used to fulfill the minor requirements.

A minimum of 18 credits is required for a minor, some require more credits. For specific courses that will fulfill the minor, consult the section on "Minors" in the catalog. Courses that count toward meeting the student’s major program of study or the subject concentrations in education programs may count towards partially satisfying the minor. Each minor may reuse up to 3 courses (or 9 credits, whichever is higher) from the major requirements that are duplicated as requirements listed in a minor. The same course from a major may be reused in up to 3 minors if it is a listed requirement.

Not every minor program will allow courses to be reused from majors for minors.

Under advisement, students may integrate courses from various disciplines to form a cross-disciplinary minor. Examples of this are American Studies, Irish Studies and Women’s Studies.

Course used as General Education, Related Requirements and Degree Electives may count towards minor requirements.

Minors are not available for students doing the associate degree programs. Interdisciplinary programs may declare minors, if they need elective credits for the degree.

As noted under "Double Majors and Minors Awarded" policy in the catalog: If a student who is working on a minor is eligible for graduation in the major and fails to complete the minor, the student may not return after graduation to take the remaining courses for the unfinished minor. Any additional courses will appear on the transcript, but there will be no award of the minor and no notation of the completion of the minor, since it was not completed at the time of graduation.