Chemistry Minor

Sponsoring department:

Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Molloy Program of Study Code: CHEMI


Required Courses

CHE 1320Inorganic Chemistry I


CHE 1330Inorganic Chemistry II


CHE 2000Organic Chemistry I


CHE 2010Organic Chemistry II


Total Credit Hours: 18

NOTE: Biology majors in the General Biology or the Professional, Medical Graduate Studies Tracks (CHBMI) have Chemistry courses as Related Requirements. These majors will also be considered to have  Chemistry minors and must earn a "C" or better to have the Minor noted on the transcript when the degree is awarded. All other conditions for a Minor must be met.

Students in the Biology Pre-Allied Medical Programs Track (CHAMI) may request to add the Chemistry Minor and complete CHE 2000 and CHE 2010 in addition to Related Requirements for this Major.