Child Life Minor

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Molloy Program of Study Code: CHLMI

The minor in "Child Life" is designed specifically for healthcare, education or social service students, or for those who aim at having a career working with children. The growing presence of "Child Life" departments in hospitals has generated a demand for professionals with a "Child Life" background. The following six required minor courses and the additional four general education courses expose a student to ten courses in the educational background of a "Child Life" professional.

Non-psychology major students should take the following prerequisite as their Social Science General Education requirement: PSY2050. Psychology majors will take PSY 2050 as part of their major requirements.

The following courses are recommended as General Education requirement courses: Sociology General Education: SOC1520; Science General Education: BIO1100; and Ethics General Education: ETH2880.


Required Courses

PSY 2060Child Development II: Middle Childhood Through Adolescence


PSY 2620Death, Dying and Bereavement


PSY 3000Basics-Social & Behavioral Research Methods


PSY 3280Health Psychology


PSY 3800Introduction to Child Life


PSY 3810Theories of Play and Creative Arts Therapies


Total Credit Hours: 18