Spanish for the Health Professions Minor

The minor in Spanish for Health Professions is designed specifically for healthcare students or those who aim at having a career in health-related fields. The growing presence of Hispanics in the United States has generated a demand for professionals with the linguistic skills to help a Spanish-speaking clientele. This minor is inestimably useful not only for Nursing students, but also for students in other departments, such as Allied Health, Biology, Music Therapy, Psychology, Social Work and Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology. Students are able to complete this minor in its entirety at the Rockville Centre campus. They can also take either up to six or nine credits in Spain by enrolling in the Molloy Summer Study Abroad Program at the University of León to count towards this minor. However, students must take at last nine (9) credits at the Rockville Centre campus for this minor (SPA 3150 and SPA 3240 among them).

Sponsoring department:

Languages and Cultures

Molloy Program of Study Code: SPHMI


Note: Only six credits earned outside the Molloy programs (high school dual enrolled college credits, CLEP, AP, etc) will be accepted for the minor. Minors have to at least take nine Spanish credits at the RVC campus.

Required Courses

SPA 2240Intermediate Spanish for the Healthcare Professions


SPA 3150Cultural Competence in the Healthcare Environment


SPA 3240Advanced Spanish for the Healthcare Professions


Complete three courses (9 Credits)

Based upon entering level, heritage speakers may take SPA 2090 instead of SPA 1030 or SPA 1040.
SPA 1030Beginning Spanish for the Healthcare Professions I


SPA 1040Beginning Spanish for the Healthcare Professions II


SPA 3300Study Abroad: Spanish Grammar and Composition I


SPA 3310Study Abroad: Spanish Conversation and Culture I


SPA 4240Culture and Medicine in Latin America


SPA 4600Language Internship I



Any 3000/4000 level SPA courses

Total Credit Hours: 18