English (Literature)—B.A.

New York State Registered Program Code: 07459

HEGIS Code: 1501.00 {English, General}

Molloy Program of Study Code: ENLBA

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Locate and evaluate the place of one or more Western texts in the literary heritage of contemporary American readers.
  • Ascertain what they prize in a text and how their evaluations concur and differ from those of critics.
  • Formulate their personal values as a result of discussion of character, incident and underlying philosophies in literature.
  • Identify and correct basic problems and formulate approaches to the structure, rhetoric and styles of English to improve perception and communication.
  • Exercise opportunities for creative expression.
  • Achieve a satisfactory basis for graduate study in English and selected pre-professional programs.


General Education Requirements (35 Credits)

Acceptable courses listed under General Education Requirements.

Arts and Fine Arts (6 Credits) Two out of three disciplines: ART History, MUS History or Speech COM

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Credits) Three out of four: History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology

Mathematics (3 Credits)

Science (3 Credits)

Philosophy (3 Credits)

Theology/Religious Studies (3 Credits)

Ethics (3 Credits)

Physical Education (1 Credit)

Core Course (4 Credits)

NOTE: The General Education requirement is 44, and has been adjusted to 35, because the following Major or Related requirements will also satisfy the General Education requirement: ENG 1100, ENG 3110. The Languages requirement is met as 3 credits of Related Requirements.

Major Requirements (42 Credits)

Grammar Exam with Passing Score or ENG 0700 with a grade of "C" of better required.

Remedial courses do not count towards major/degree requirements.

ENG 1100 must be completed with a grade of "B" or better.required.

Transfer students with an equivalent course for ENG 1100, must also take ENG 1200 and achieve a "B" or better.

ENG 1100College Composition


ENG 2410Great Writers of English Literature I


ENG 2420Great Writers of English Literature II


ENG 2430Major American Writers I


ENG 2440Major American Writers II


ENG 2550Literature in The Digital Age


ENG 2820Literary Criticism


ENG 3110Shakespeare


ENG 4600English Internship I


ENG 4900English Seminar



Complete either (3 Credits)

ENG 2510Continental Literature I: The Ancient World


ENG 2630Mythology and Legend


Advanced Writing Requirement (3 Credits)

One advanced writing course.

Author Course Requirement (3 Credits):

One course on any author.

Literary Period Requirement (3 Credits)

One course in any period.

Related Requirements - (3 Credits)

One Languages Course (3 Credits)

Note: Refer to the General Education Section of the Catalog for appropriate courses (Preferred that the second course is in the same language as the first course)

Electives (42 Credits)

14 Elective credits must be Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for a B.A. degree. FST 1000 counts as a LAS required Elective.

(Adjust Electives needed for having a Minor(s), Remedials, ESL, Honors Programs, PED/FST waivers as needed, under consultation with advisor.)

Total Credit Hours: 122