English (Literature)—B.A.

New York State Registered Program Code: 07459

HEGIS Code: 1501.00 {English, General}

Molloy Program of Study Code: ENLBA

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Locate and evaluate the place of one or more Western texts in the literary heritage of contemporary American readers.
  • Ascertain what they prize in a text and how their evaluations concur and differ from those of critics.
  • Formulate their personal values as a result of discussion of character, incident and underlying philosophies in literature.
  • Identify and correct basic problems and formulate approaches to the structure, rhetoric and styles of English to improve perception and communication.
  • Exercise opportunities for creative expression.
  • Achieve a satisfactory basis for graduate study in English and selected pre-professional programs.


General Education Requirements (35 Credits)

Acceptable courses listed under General Education Requirements.

Arts and Fine Arts (6 Credits) Two out of three disciplines: ART History, MUS History or Speech COM

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Credits) Three out of four: History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology

Mathematics (3 Credits)

Science (3 Credits)

Philosophy (3 Credits)

Theology/Religious Studies (3 Credits)

Ethics (3 Credits)

Physical Education (1 Credit)

Languages (3 Credits)

Core Course (4 Credits)

NOTE: The General Education requirement is 44, and has been adjusted to 35, because the following Major or Related requirements will also satisfy the General Education requirement: ENG 1100, ENG 3110.

Major Requirements (42 Credits)

Grammar Exam with Passing Score or ENG 0700 with a grade of "C" of better required.

Remedial courses do not count towards major/degree requirements.

ENG 1100 must be completed with a grade of "B" or better.required.

Transfer students with an equivalent course for ENG 1100, must also take ENG 1200 and achieve a "B" or better.

ENG 1100College Composition


ENG 2410Great Writers of English Literature I


ENG 2420Great Writers of English Literature II


ENG 2430Major American Writers I


ENG 2440Major American Writers II


ENG 2550Literature in The Digital Age


ENG 2820Literary Criticism


ENG 3110Shakespeare


ENG 4600English Internship I


ENG 4900English Seminar



Complete either (3 Credits)

ENG 2510Continental Literature I: The Ancient World


ENG 2630Mythology and Legend


Advanced Writing Requirement (3 Credits)

One advanced writing course.

Author Course Requirement (3 Credits):

One course on any author.

Literary Period Requirement (3 Credits)

One course in any period.

Electives (42 Credits)

14 Elective credits must be Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for a B.A. degree. FST 1000 counts as a LAS required Elective.

(Adjust Electives needed for having a Minor(s), Remedials, ESL, Honors Programs, PED/FST waivers as needed, under consultation with advisor.)

Total Credit Hours: 122